Successfully Implementing an Exclusive Human Milk Diet in the NICU: A Nurse Director’s Insights and Lessons Learned

Optimal nutrition and human milk are recognized as vital components to neonatal care. Now an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) - when 100% of the protein, fat and carbohydrates are derived solely from human milk – is possible. If you are looking to adopt Prolacta’s neonatal human milk nutritional products in the NICU, don't miss the presentation!

What you will learn

  • Special considerations for the development of an exclusive human diet feeding and weaning protocol
  • How to identify and mobilize multidisciplinary team members
  • How to access resources in creating a budget and overcome financial hurdles
  • Additional lessons learned

About the Speaker

Kim Carmignani, MSN, RNC-NIC, nurse leader (Naperville, Il.), is a senior healthcare executive who serves as the clinical director of several pediatric subspecialty clinics. Carmignani has more than 25 years of bedside experience in the NICU, and more than five years of experience as a clinical manager/director.

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