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Magic in Every Drop: The Bioactivity of Human Milk

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  • Discuss some of the most abundant bioactive components found in human milk
  • Understand the roles bioactive compounds play in the growth, development, and health of the infant, especially the premature infant
  • Describe some of the common processing methods used for pathogen reduction in donated human milk
  • Discuss the impact various processing methods have on the bioactive components of human milk.


Mindy Fuzesy

   Mindy Fuzesy, RNC-NIC, RNC-OB, MSL-BC

   Medical Science Liaison, Neonatal and Pediatric Nursing

Target Audience: Neonatologists, NICU Dietitians, Nurses, Nurse Managers, Pediatricians, Family
Medicine Physicians, any NICU Clinicians, and Reimbursement Specialists

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