Prehab for Preemies: The Protective Effects of an Exclusive Human Milk Diet

In honor of National Nurses Month, we are excited to bring you a free, on-demand, four-part course. By attending, you will earn 2 CE credits and come away with a better understanding of how human milk has been shown to reduce inflammation in preterm infants and techniques to lower workplace stress.

Go at your pace and learn according to your schedule. Once you register, you'll have access to the full training video. While this is one video, it's divided into four parts so you can just watch those parts that interest you the most.

Part I: “What’s Prehab?” and “Why Human Milk?”


  • Define the term prehab
  • Identify the role of inflammation in the development of neonatal comorbidities
  • Discuss the benefits of human milk in reducing inflammation

Part II: BPD and Late-Onset Sepsis: “Burdens of Prematurity”


  • Describe the “lung-gut axis” and its role in the role of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)
  • Identify two ways that human milk nutrition is thought to reduce the risk of BPD
  • Discuss the impact of human milk on the incidence of late-onset sepsis

Part III: ROP and Necrotizing Enterocolitis: “Burdens of Prematurity”


  • Describe the concept of a “third wave" of retinopathy of prematurity (ROP)
  • Discuss the role of human milk on the development of the preterm infant microbiome
  • List the benefits of human milk in reducing the incidence/severity of ROP

Part IV: “Prehab for Nurses” and “It’s Been a Year …”


  • Define the terms legitimate and illegitimate stressors
  • Identify two practices to integrate into your workday that lower your stress
  • Discuss the concept of “Body Burden” on caregivers


terry-johnson-200x200Terry S. Johnson, APN, NNP-BC, ASPPS, MN
Director, Education and Professional Development



Target Audience: This 2-hour presentation is designed for the healthcare professional caring for premature patients.

Contact Hours: Provided by Kendra Schreiner, RN, 18160 Cottonwood Rd., PMB 352, Sunriver, OR, an independent provider approved by the CA Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #15828. The program is pending approval for 2 nursing contact hours.

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