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Congratulations! Your NICU has made an important decision to choose an exclusive human milk diet (EHMD) in order to meet the nutritional needs of premature infants.

This resource center has been designed to provide you with educational and clinical support in the use of an EHMD.

Weaning and Transitioning

As with all feeding guidelines, appropriate medical judgment should be exercised if any signs of intolerance are observed during the transition, including extending the transition period or resuming the 100% human milk-based diet.


Support Team

Placing an Order

To place an order, send a copy of the purchase order and order details to either of the following methods:

! In this video, current customers share insights on 'How to order and calculate inventory'.

Clinical Support


Nutrition Advisory Committee (NAC) is comprised of leading registered dietitians and serve as a resource to fellow clinicians for education and support around the growing use of an exclusive human milk diet for extremely premature infants.

Bounce ideas or seek practical information from a NICU dietitian at NAC@prolacta.com.

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Clinical Support


The Nursing Practice Advisory Council (NPAC) is an advisory group composed of neonatal nursing leaders who are passionate about human milk science and nutrition.

Connect with a NICU nurse leader to learn about product and clinical information, by emailing them at NPAC@prolacta.com.

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